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Main » 2009 » June » 21 » Status report before Summer Breaks
Status report before Summer Breaks
9:34:56 PM
Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to give everybody a heads up before the summer breaks commence.

- The server improvements are almost complete, so get in there and see what we have done for you!

- We have had a great deal of success with server fillers lately, so I urge everyone, when they have a bit of free time and see the server empty, to hook up with a few friends and/or SSQ members and start filling the server!

- A great big influx of new members to SSQ is underway. If you have any Steam friends who you think are made of the stuff we like to see in here, be sure to offer them an invite. (Just be sure to tell SirFur, he is the recruitment officer after all. ;)

- On monday the 29th, I will be going on a five day long vacation. I may do a check-in every now and again, but I will not be playing, and you'll hardly see me often during those five days.

That's just about it, lads. Keep up the good work and:


All the best:
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