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This is my blog! Here I will share with you my secrets!

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    Seems to me I've been a little inactive lately.....and this  website is going stale. Well, one thing I will let you folks know is I am restarting this blog and hopefully get a little more action!

    Watch this space for more blogging! Bazinga.
    Category: SirFur's Blog | Views: 533 | Added by: SIrFur | Date: 09 March 2010 | Comments (5)

    Well - glad to report that I have landed safe and sound in the UK and arrived 'back from the land on the other side'! :D

    Looking forward to firing up TF2 - I hear the new updates for sniper and spy are out - it took FIVE weeks for them to come out? WOW! I heard rumours when I left that the sniper update was coming out v soon - obviously the spy update must have put 'em back a bit, but seems to me that the sniper update actually got delayed so to make up for it they decided to release two at the same time (probably brought forward the spy update a bit....).

    Well, I'm gonna take a few days to get settled in and the like, especially as getting accustomed top the weather might take that long - I almost got a cold just by landing here in the UK. The temperature here is like that which we'd find in shops in Egypt that have really good a/c cooling.

    Having said that tho, I will likely dip into TF2 later today! :) See you guys there!
    Category: SirFur's Blog | Views: 1108 | Added by: SIrFur | Date: 22 May 2009 | Comments (2)

    Hey guys,

    Well my 5 week stay in Egypt is finally coming to an end now. I'm actually looking forward to going home - I miss my mum's cooking! I think we've had a fantastic time here and will be a place to remember years into the future. When I get the chance I'll upload a few pictures from the places we visited, and these number a good few places including the Pyramids at Giza, Alexandria and Mount Sinai. ANyway, I'll be landing back home later this week. 

    From the ssq perspective I understand that the ssq clan has been re-invigorated with a new burst of energy from some of the younger players in the family - great to see! I am looking forward to getting stuck into TF2 again and hopefully playing in a good few clan games. I also have a few ideas on how we can practice for the games and a few tactics to use! :)

    Other than that I am pleased to announce that I have successfully passed m ... Read more »

    Category: SirFur's Blog | Views: 1366 | Added by: SIrFur | Date: 17 May 2009 | Comments (7)

    Hey guys!

    I've decided to start my very own blog! Not really done this before but I hope to give you guys updates about what's going around ssq and with my own life. Currently I'm in Egypt on my student elective program - loving the weather here and the experience is so great!

    On a side note - I hear ssq | Cross is cooking up some deliciously faboulous plans for the future of ssq. I wonder what they may be! ANyway - having a busy day today so more blog news later!

    Category: SirFur's Blog | Views: 1369 | Added by: SIrFur | Date: 03 May 2009 | Comments (2)

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