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    Hey there!
    My name is Lasse, I am 15 years old, danish, and I serve as the events organizer for SSQ. My first dalliances with SSQ was back when i was newbie to TF2 and had just met Galvatron. Soon, I got involved with SSQ's sinister plans to conquer the world and... wait, that's not true... Nah, I got an invitation to join, and recently Nojii promoted me to admin and events organizer, so basically, I make sure something special happens around here now and again. Ingame, i can play absolutely any class well enough, although my favorite is by far the Spy. Be aware that I am a VERY talkative guy and my mic serves more purposes than just reporting where the enemy sentries are.

    So that's basically me, if you want to get to know me, feel free to send a friends invite!

    See you on the battlefield!
    Admin Profiles | Transitions: 505 | Added by: Lasse Andersen (Aka. Smartarse) | Date: 09 April 2009

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