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My Return to UK
10:04:13 PM

Hey guys,

Well my 5 week stay in Egypt is finally coming to an end now. I'm actually looking forward to going home - I miss my mum's cooking! I think we've had a fantastic time here and will be a place to remember years into the future. When I get the chance I'll upload a few pictures from the places we visited, and these number a good few places including the Pyramids at Giza, Alexandria and Mount Sinai. ANyway, I'll be landing back home later this week. 

From the ssq perspective I understand that the ssq clan has been re-invigorated with a new burst of energy from some of the younger players in the family - great to see! I am looking forward to getting stuck into TF2 again and hopefully playing in a good few clan games. I also have a few ideas on how we can practice for the games and a few tactics to use! :)

Other than that I am pleased to announce that I have successfully passed my 4th - thanks to prayers from my friends and family - without them I probably wouldn't have managed. So, the upside is I'll have 3 weeks holidat before I get started on my final year at uni! =]

See you around!

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It's ipmreative that more people make this exact point.

Good to hear from you, SirFur. Even better to hear that you're having a good time though.
Looking forward to having an "intelligent" conversation with ya' once again. Just be prepared that I've toned down TF2 somewhat since my game's buggered up very badly.

P.S: Try to find some other name than blog. Sounds like an animal that lives on the seabed and communicates through farts!

Thanks mate! Well I'm kinda glad I was able to get going on one of these holidays (even though technically it's an elective smile )......I've not had a real holiday in a very long time, so I guess I kinda deserved it, if I might say so... tongue

I think it really helps to wind down and try to get yourself to recover for the final year - I am a little tired of uni now and I just wanna get out of here!

With regards to the exams - well I passed - that's about it really... sad I would have liked to do a lot better especially as all our marks over the last 4 years are important as they provide us with an overall ranking that determines how successful we are while applying for jobs in September/October this year sad cry - the final year doesn't really count except you have to pass it obviously. But I have to look on the bright side of things - I did pass and I wasn't bottom of my class tongue

Looking forward to have you back, pal smile

I feel happy for you, you had such a good time there! Oh, and Pics would be great - I'd love to see some holiday-esque pics, since I'm running short of holidays lately biggrin

And congrats to your success in your 4th year smile Wish you all the best for your last year!

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