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Garry's Mod Pics
HunterDate: Wednesday, 04 March 2009, 9:32:46 AM | Message # 16
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Lol. Gotta get GMod 10.

A good 1 to do is 1 where the Gman from Half Life is comparing his briefcase with the TF2 intel

Or (this mite b hard) putting a team in a truck where engy is driving, Heavy crouchin at back with his minigun rotating, sniper aiming down sight, maybe even havin the scout trying to run after them cos he's been left behind., etc

this maybe: making a chain of spys backstabbing?

Added (04 March 2009, 9:32:46 Am)
Yes! Got Gmod now. A couple of questions Gidde... Can you change the level of lighting- i don't want to just turn down the brightness, but adjust the lighting level.

Also, what is the best TF2 SWEP pack- i tried one which is glitched, and doesnt give ammo on some weapons

What other mods, maps and SWEPs would you recommend?


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GiddeDate: Friday, 17 April 2009, 7:22:17 PM | Message # 17
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Hi guys.

Well been a while since i posted here on this great website,shame it's been so quiet here lately.But new games and peopel moving on to new games has been the affect on many.

I have been playing other games than TF2 for a while as well,but now im back to TF2 again. TF2 has a strange affect on me,i can play new games but i always end up playing TF2.Maybe becasue it's such a great game,i really love it.

Been working with Garry's mod again after the break.And i have some new cool pics for you all,feels great to be back wink

First up is this pic on Goldrush

Wish i could used some cool smoke trail for the rocket launcher in Garry's mod on this pic,but it's not possible so it ended up like this.

Second pic:

Soldier Briefing on Steel

3rd one:


Last pic for now:

Fight time:

Maybe you wondering why i didn't use the boxing gloves on this pic,well in Garry's mod the only gloves available is the red ones.So i felt it would be better without gloves.

Hope you liked the pics,i will be back with more.But im working on a comic in Garry's mod as well,so i will try and get that finished first.Will post it here when it's done.

Take care guys

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